Creating a Featured Channel Message

If you are the owner of a channel, it is possible to highlight certain messages. You can highlight messages at the Plek homepage to generate some extra attention. When you feature a post in a channel, the post receives an extra priority in the important news overviews.

The featured post is shown with an image in the important news overview. You can recognize featured channel posts by the exclamation icon. 


Scherm­afbeelding 2024-04-08 om 11.07.18


In the timeline view, the message will be shown with a header image and a highlighted title. You can recognize a featured post in your timeline by the pin icon. 

Feature a message

To feature a message, take the following steps.

  1. Hover over Messages in the navigation balk.
  2. Click on New Message.

You arrive at a screen where it is possible to create a new message:


  1. Choose Public Message (this is standard selected).

Then, the Public Message button will get the same color as your Plek (in the video below this is orange).  

  1. Choose the channel in which you want to upload a message.
  2. Give the message a title and type your message.

Use the work tools above the text box to layout your message. 

  1. Tick the box Promote as a Highlighted Message.
  2. Then, click on Upload Image and select the image you want to post (the ideal format is 667 x 300 pixels). You can crop or turn the image. If you finished editing the image press Done.
  3. When finished, click on Upload.

Your message is now uploaded on the homepage of all the members. Also, it is uploaded at the top of the selected channel. 

It is always possible to edit or delete your messages.


Do you want to highlight your message even more? Then, you can send a notification through email or app.

If your message is finished, but you do not want it to be visible yet. Then, it is possible to set a date and time to upload your message automatically. This is what we call ‘Uploading a Message in the Future’.