How to Start a Group Chat

As a user of Plek you can chat with one or more persons at the same time. This is possible with existing groups and ad hoc groups. If the manager of the group enabled the group chat, it is possible to chat with all the group members at the same time.


Start chatting via the group page

If you want to chat with all the members of your group, take the following steps:

  1. Click on Groups in the navigation bar.
  2. Then, click on the group with which you want to chat with. 
  3. In the group menu bar, you find Chat. Click on it to directly start chatting.

Group chat via the chat bar

  1. Click on the bottom left of the notification bar to open it.
  2. A list of notifications from groups and personal chats opens in this sidebar
  3. Next, find the group you want to chat with and click on it. You can start chatting immediately. You can search by using the search field and the filter.


If the group manager did not enable the chat, you need to ask this person to do this. However, even without an official group chat, it is possible to chat with the concerning group members. Since you can start a group chat with multiple persons yourself.



You can find all your chat conversations in the column on the right side: 1-on-1, ad hoc groups, and existing groups. You can fold the chat column in and out by clicking on the arrow below the column.