Adding external people to your Plek



Plek is not just a tool to connect with your internal colleagues. More and more often, organisations have external colleagues not on the payroll but with whom they cooperate. Connection and communication across organisational boundaries stimulate beneficial cooperation. That's why the Admin of your space can invite or add external colleagues to a specific group.

Below is an overview of what external group members can see and do on Plek.

Public content and hidden content

External users cannot just see everything that is posted on Place. However, external group members can by default:

  • View the group's content, post messages, upload and view documents, create and view events.
  • View the profiles of members of the group (and only group members can view the profile of other group members).
  • Get invited to new groups by members of their existing groups.
  • Participate in the group chat.
  • Be a group administrator and invite people from other groups they are a member of.
  • View information pages pages.
  • Edit their profile and change their settings.
  • Search with the global search.
  • View the homepage in the timeline.

In addition to the standard external user, there is also a 'platform' external user. This type of external user can also perform all the above actions, and they only have access to groups of which they are a member. However, this external user is visible to all users in the overview under 'People' and can also be invited to join a group.


With Plek, you can work together smartly and efficiently with people from outside your organisation. For example, when a project is finished, you can easily remove someone from a group.