Archive or delete a group



Certain groups come to an end at some point. You can therefore archive groups.

Archiving or deleting a group

If you want to archive a group you take the following steps:

1. Move your mouse over Groups in the navigation bar.
2. Then click on the group you want to archive.

The group page for the group in question appears.

3. Click on the three dots, at the top right.
4. Then click on Edit group.

5. In the lower-left corner, click Archive.


Your group is now archived. You can still find it under 'Groups' with the filter 'Archived groups'. You can of course re-activate the group later on.

Would you rather delete the group? Then click on delete to the left of the archive button.


You can also archive 1-on-1 chats. Your chat history will be stored, so you can always pick up the conversation again later!