Overview of different program views

During the creation of a program, you are presented with the choice of displaying a program on desktop, mobile and/or as a pop-up. The different options look like this to users:

On desktop
The program module can be found on the desktop by using the rocket icon on the right side of the screen. When a user clicks on the icon, a side menu slides out (similar to the chat function on the left).


On mobile
The program manager can be found from the menu on mobile by clicking on the More button and then choosing Onboarding. If desired, we can change the name of this.


Display as a pop-up to highlight important information
A pop-up window is more noticeable and may be chosen when the program includes important information. We also see that the pop-up window is chosen if a step contains a form, where a user may be typing a lot of text (for example, if the user is asked to provide feedback). The pop-up applies to both desktop and mobile.