Asking the right questions

Within a form it is possible to ask different types of questions, depending on the form type you choose. In addition to the different question types, there are a few settings that wil help you with asking the rights questions.

Question types


There are 10 different question types that you can choose from. 

  • Multiple choice - Pick one answer from different answers
  • Multiple response - Pick one or more answers from different answers
  • Short answer - Write a short text to answer the question
  • Paragraph - Write a medium long text to answer the question
  • Date - Fill in a date
  • File upload - Upload a file (.PDF;.docx; .jpg;.mp3;.mp4 etc.)
  • Scale - Answer on a scale from low to high
  • Statement - Write a long text to answer the question
  • Rating - Give a rating in stars or smileys
  • Number input - Answer the question with a whole or decimal number

Additional settings


After you come up with the question, tick the checkbox to make a question mandatory in a user's response. When a question is not mandatory the user will be able to skip the question and still be able to complete the form.

If you want to duplicate your question, select the duplication icon. To delete the question, select the bin icon. If you want to change the order of your questions, use drag&drop on the right side of the menubar to change the position of a question. Click on the three dots icon to find the option to write an additional help text that helps users to understand your question.