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General form settings

There are general settings in Plek that apply to every newly created form. This article tells you more about it. The general settings can be found in the menu on the right side when creating a form. The settings below are all enabled by default for an advanced form and may not be applicable to a poll or quick form.


  1. Notifications - Select (a) user(s) that receives a notification for every new response. These users are also allowed to see the results of the form (a poll will always show the results to all users).
  2. Quiz options - Shuffle the answer to a multiple choice or multiple response question to create a quiz. Only available for advanced forms.
  3. Anonymous results - Select this option to anonymize every user's response. This option can't be changed after saving it
  4. After submission - Create a confirmation text that will show to all users after completing the form. Choose to show them your personal confirmation text or choose to Show data graphs to user
  5. Multiple submissions - Allow users to send in multiple submissions. Help users by suggesting their previously added answers or decide to always present the form without suggestions. Keep in mind that previous submission(s) will not be overwritten or lost.