Adding a header image to your post



With a header image, you can attract the user's attention in the important news overview. The header image button allows you to set up an image. Plek shows this image with the title of your post in the news overview.


Marking attachments as header/images in text

When you post a message, you can add an image as an attachment. This image is automatically added as a header image and will show in the important news overview. Do you want to disable this setting? Just click on the star in the attachment or in the header image. The header image will disappear, and the attachment will remain unchanged. Plek will show the attachment image at the bottom of your post.

It is also possible to place an image in the text of your post. By doing so, you will change the layout of your message. Adding an image to the text automatically selects it as the header. Note that this only happens if a header image has not been selected. You can undo this in the same way, using the star icon.

chrome-capture-2023-6-27 (2).gif

Highlighting messages

By highlighting a post, you ensure that a post is displayed prominently. The message will stand out extra on the timeline because it has a banner at the top (compared to other messages). In the important news overview, the message will be marked as important (with a !-icon). Depending on your settings, this affects its position in the important news overview

Highlighting a message is done through the advanced options when posting a message. Highlighting messages is only possible for content managers and admins.