User roles in Plek

Different user rights exist at Plek:

Most users have the role of User. Users are full members of the organisation. They keep themselves informed through channels and information pages but usually do not have access to produce or change the content in those places. Sometimes an exception is made so that users can post in a particular channel. In any case, users can always post in groups and post comments under the posts of others. They can also create groups themselves or be appointed as administrators of a group.

Some users are Admin. As an admin, you are a kind of moderator of your Plek and have access to almost everything within it, including the Admin panel. In this panel, you can, for example, create a taxonomy or change the rights of other users. You also have access to the statistics. In addition, message admins can post messages in all channels and, for example, join private groups for themselves or others without permission.

Content manager
For certain users, it is sufficient to be a 'content manager' (and not an 'Admin'). Users who are content managers can create and edit virtually all content and view statistics. However, they cannot access the Admin panel and, depending on the wishes of your organisation, content managers can or cannot post to (specific) channels.

Besides regular users, external users exist. These are people from outside the organisation who are on (part of) your Plek to work with people from within the organisation. External users only have access to the group(s) of which they are members. All content of these groups is visible to them, but all information outside these groups remains hidden from them, such as channels, general information pages, and public documents.

The last type of user is read-only. It allows you to show someone your Plek without giving them an active role. This person cannot post messages and the like but can view all public staff information; on the other hand, these users can view the content of channels, general information pages and public documents.

Adjusting user rights

To change the rights of users, take the following steps:

1. Hover your mouse over your name.

2. Click on Admin.


You are now in the admin panel and immediately see the user overview.

3. Find the user whose permissions you want to change and click on the little pencil on the right.
You will now see the basic information about this user: e-mail address, name and rights. Here you can set the rights of this user.

4. Select which role this user should have.

5. Then click on Save.
The user's rights are now changed. But, of course, you can always change them again later. 

By default, an external user is not visible to all users on Plek. However, as Admin, you can check the 'platform' option for an external user: this external user will be visible to all and invited by everyone for groups.