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Optimize your content strategy with your engagement statistics (bèta)

Your engagement statistics provide valuable insights into how users interact with your platform, ultimately impacting its success. These crucial data points, including the number of activities, user engagement with your content, and view counts=.


Acces your engagement statistics (bèta)

  1. Hover over your profile picture at the top right
  2. Click on Statistics 
  3. Click on the notification at the top of the statistics
  4. Click on Engagement in the navigation column.

Within this section, you'll find useful information, including:

  1. Total Activity: This represents the overall count of posts, documents, events, and informational pages on your platform.
  2. Total Likes and Comments received on your platform.
  3. Total Likes and Comments per user.
  4. A comprehensive list of active users.
  5. The top users of the mobile app.
  6. Most active post creators on the platform.

You can easily sort the data in the table by score or alphabetically by clicking on the respective column title. If necessary, data can be fine-tuned using the available filter button  . In the chart displays, data can be customized by selecting the specific data points at the bottom of the chart.

Exporting graphs directly from the statistics is not supported. To share this data, please consider using screenshots or reach out to our support team at support@plek.co for further assistance.

Optimize Your Content:

At the bottom of the page, you'll discover average daily views and timing insights. Using this data, you can refine your content strategy. When the average views per time slot align with the platform average, they are color-coded as green. If the average views surpass the norm, they transition to yellow, orange, or red, with red signifying the highest performance level.