Engage users by mentioning

Do you want the input of a colleague or to involve someone in something? Just tap an @ in a text field and select the desired name. The user will receive a notification. 


Some examples to use this function

- Mention someone in a comment to involve them in a discussion.

- Point out a message in a group chat, so it is clear from whom you expect a reply. The user is notified via a notification.

- Pointing out an interesting message to someone.

- Announce something related to a particular user; for example, when someone has won a prize.

- Introducing new employees. The notification will immediately inform this new colleague of all 'Welcome' messages.

Good to know

  • Is it not possible to post a notification? Then check whether the user in question is a member of the group where the message was posted. It is also not possible to mention external users in a channel message. This is because external users do not have access to channels.
  • You can also mention multiple people by putting a space after the last mention and typing @ again.