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Changing the order of the channels



As an admin, you can select the order in which the channels are displayed. This is the default for all users. Users can still change the order themselves. Do you want to prevent that? In that case, you can also lock a channel.

Changing the order of channels

To change the order of channels in your channel, follow these steps:

1. First, go to the Admin area within your Plek: hover over your name in the navigation bar and click on Admin.

This takes you to the Admin panel. In the sidebar on the left, you will see different items, including Channels.

2. Click on Channels.

This will take you to an overview of the existing channels in your site.

3. Click on a channel, hold the mouse down and drag it up or down:


The new order of channels is saved immediately after releasing.

4. To lock a channels' position, click the lock icon to the left of the channel name: