Uploading a Message in the Future


As a user of Plek it is possible to upload messages. Most of the times you upload these messages directly, however as a content manager it is also possible to plan the uploading date and/or time of your message.

Do you, for example, have important company news that is under embargo until 7 a.m. tomorrow. You want to upload this message after the embargo is expired, but before everyone starts their working day. Also, you do not want the get up early to upload this message. In this case, it is useful to create your message today and upload it tomorrow.

Uploading a message in the future

If you want to create a message that needs to be uploaded in the future, take the following steps:

Steps 1 and 2 are through the start screen. It is also possible to create a new message through the menu. 

  1. Click on the white field where ‘Share a message or ask a question’ is written, just below the navigation balk.
  2. Then, click on ‘Add more text and images’.

You arrive at a screen where it is possible to create a new message.


  1. Choose if you want this to become a Public Message or a Group Message (and choose the channel or the group in which you want to upload the message).
  2. Give your message a title and type your message.

Use the work tools above the text box to layout your message:


  1. Click on the box Change Date.
  2. Then, choose on which date and at which time you want the message to be uploaded.
  3. Press Upload when finished. 

You now see your message as the other users of your Plek will see it after the uploading date. Your message is saved and will only be visible after your uploading date and time. 

If you go to the homepage, you can see that your message is not yet visible in the channel or the group where it is going to be uploaded.

If you click on Messages in the navigation balk, you are able to see your message. It shows when your message will be uploaded. 

It is always possible to edit or delete your message (both before and after the uploading).



Are you a group manager and do you want to highlight your message? Then, you can send a notification through email or app.