Searching a Group



There can be many groups in Plek, with different topics or purposes such as projects, departments, activities and get-togethers.

There are several ways to view your groups or groups of which others are members. There are also several ways to find a group you would like to join.

Please note that you can only see the open and closed groups that others are members of and not their hidden groups.

Finding your group from the menu

There are several ways to search for groups. First, from the menu, you can go to the overview of all groups.

1. Choose Groups from the menu bar (top).

The groups page opens. By default, the first groups you see are those of which you are already a member.

In the left column, you can see filters like My groups, Open groups and All groups.

2. Click on Open Groups to get an overview of the open groups you are a member of and the open groups you are not a member of yet. You can join these groups without permission.

3. Click All Groups to see the groups you need permission or an invitation to join. Now you can see the private groups in your space.

You can also filter by group type, for example, by Department or Project.

If you want to join one of the displayed groups, do the following:

4. Click on a group you want to join.
5. If it's an open group, click Join. If it is a closed group, click Request membership (the group administrator has to approve your request first).

Filters may have been created in the taxonomy within your Site (by your Site Admin). If this is the case, you will also get an overview of them. Taxonomy provides an easy way to filter, for example, by department, specialisation or projects.


Do you want to connect with other colleagues? Then you can look at their profile to see which groups they are in and which messages they post there.