Creating Applications

Creating Applications


On Plek you can create links to important systems and tools. We call these tools applications. For example, link tools for accounting or time registration. But also links to your organisation's social media can be put under applications.

Add an application

To create an application, first navigate to applications from the navigation bar using the following icon: apps.svg

- Klik vervolgens op Nieuwe app.

1. Choose whether the app is a public or a group app. 
2. Enter the name of the app.
3. Choose a contact.
4. Enter the link to the application. Choosing a mobile link is optional.
5. Upload an app icon. Preferably choose a square image, without text.
6. Enter a description.
7. Choose how the app should open. You can choose from the following options:
- Open in an iFrame (this will make the application appear as if it is part of Plek).
- Open in the same tab.
- Open in a new tab (this is the default action).
8. Click on Create.

Your application has now been added to Plek.