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Create a new program



To create a new program, first go to the overview of all programs via the menu under your name and click on + New program:


The following list of steps corresponds to the figures in the New program screen shot below.

1. Choose a clear title.
2. Indicate whether you want to make the program available to users via the desktop web version and/or the mobile app.
3. Select which users the program should be visible to.
4. Or choose to send the program out to specific group(s) at Plek.
5. Have you selected multiple groups? Then select whether a user who is in several groups will see the program once or once per group membership.
6. Use filters (via the taxonomy) to select, for example, a particular (physical) department.
7. Choose a start and end date for the program. This way you do not have to activate or deactivate programs manually.

8. Select what type of notification(s) the user will receive about the new program.

After completing the above steps, click Create to create the program.