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The content of my document is not visible



After publication, documents and videos can usually be viewed directly from Plek without downloading them. However, sometimes a preview is not immediately available. This is usually self-evident, but sometimes your file needs some extra attention before it is suitable for Plek's preview function.

What you can do:

  • Make sure your documents do not exceed the 5MB limit. Is this the case? If so, you can still download the document and view it on your computer using local software.
  • Videos may not be larger than 500MB.
  • Documents are converted to PDF so you can view them directly through the web browser. This process often takes less than a minute, but sometimes there can be a delay. Is there still no preview after fifteen minutes and your file is smaller than 5MB? If this is the case, the administrator of your Plek can contact support@plek.co.