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The knowledge base



The knowledge base on Plek consists of information pages that can be used to build knowledge in a collective way. The information pages in the Plek knowledge base are very similar to regular information pages. 

Where can I find the knowledge base and how do I set it up?

The knowledge base can be found in the menu bar of your Plek environment and is enabled by your account manager. It is often called 'knowledge base', but organizations can also choose to give the knowledge base a different name. The knowledge base is not visible on every Plek by default, as it is part of the license package that focuses on increasing employee engagement. Please contact your account manager to find out if this feature is included in your current license package.

About the knowledge base

The pages in the knowledge base work the same as the regular information pages. However, they are under a different button in the menu bar and they have some extra features.


In the knowledge base you can rate pages in which content is shared. The administrator of your Plek platform can decide to turn this feature on or off. Rating is done by giving a star rating. The more stars, the higher the value of the content on the page. 


What further distinguishes the information pages within the knowledge base is the possibility to post reactions, and to respond to the reactions of others. Again, the administrator of your Plek platform can have this turned on or off. This feature you to ask questions about the shared content. 

It's even possible to make pages in the knowledge base customizable for everyone. This means that any user can add content (knowledge) to the pages in the knowledge base. This feature, like the ones above, is optional, and can therefore be turned off. In the latter case, you retain more control over the content. Note that collective knowledge sharing and building is only efficient if all platform users can actually contribute to it.

Organizing the knowledge base

Do you want to create a new structure in the knowledge base? Then read our article on how to organize information pages. Do you want to read more on how to edit content of a page? Then read this article. The pages in the knowledge base work the same way!