Creating a logical question flow



In an advanced form you have the ability to create different question flows which will create a multi-layered form. Ask specific follow-up questions or let users skip a section of questions based on a respondent's answer.

Question branching with multiple choice questions 

The multiple choice question type is the most commonly used. It suggests multiple answer options to the respondent out of which one option can be selected. As a form creator you can choose to redirect the user to a specific section in the form based on the selected answer. As a result the form will feel more relevant to the respondent. Here an example:

Follow up on multiple responses with the same question

With a multiple response question you can give the respondent multiple choices out of which the user can pick several options. Plek offers the functionality of asking a follow up question for every selected response.

After creating your multiple response question, create a new section with the follow up question(s) you would like to ask. After creating that section (e.g.: Follow up Q1), go back to your original multiple response question, click on the three dots icon and select Repeat a section for every selection. You now see the option to select your created follow up section. Make sure to copy and build in  in the follow up question you want to ask. This will make sure that the respondent knows for which previously given answer (s)he is answering the follow up question.

After answering the follow up question, users get redirected to the next question of the form.

Skip to a section based on a rating or scale 

Sometimes it is interesting to know why respondents gave a certain rating or value on a scale, e.g. why a user gave a low rating. In that case you can select the option ‘Skip to answer based on answer’. This will allow you to link a section with follow up questions to a specific value. For every value you need to create a separate section. 


After section

Because a form can have many sections, it is important to always check which section follows in order to maintain a logical question flow. This setting can be found in the bottom right-corner of a section and works with a dropdown menu.