Welcome to the Plek startpage!

The startpage of Plek is the central place to start your working day. Once you've logged in, you'll see all the important news, notifications and other useful information right there. The startpage is a nice balance between "need-to-know" and "nice-to-know" information. How the page is built, you can read in this article.

Important news

At the top of the startpage you will find the important news. This is a collection of all important, popular and recent news. The composition is a mix of:

  • Channel posts
  • Posts from groups you are a member of
  • Popular posts from groups you are not a member of

On the right side of the important news, you will find a small menu with which you can scroll down to see more messages. You can also customise your view here while respecting the platform's default settings.


Notification centre

On the left side of your screen you will find the notification centre. In the notification centre you will find an overview of all notifications in your organisation's environment:

  • Notifications of unread chat messages (1-on-1 or group chats)
  • Notifications of unread channel messages
  • The notification overview. You can find this via the bell icon.

Would you like to adjust the number of notifications? Please read this help article.


Above the timeline you will see the option to quickly post a message, if you need more options for your message, you can click on advanced and you will get to the extended option to create a message. Below is the timeline. The timeline is an anti-chronological (most recent post first) overview of the posts in your environment. It shows messages from channels and groups you are a member of. You will always see in which channel or group the message was posted. Your platform may also be configured to show you a message that has been liked or has received a reply from another user. This is also shown anti-chronologically.


On the right-hand side of your home screen you will find your widgets.

The widgets are made up of:

  • Organisation-wide widgets
  • Personal widgets

Organisation-wide widgets are, for instance, the calendar, birthdays or quick links added to your platform. Channels can also be added as widgets so that the latest news from this channel is always quickly visible. 

In addition to the organisation-wide widgets, you have the option to add a widget from your favourite group(s).