Create an RSS feed channel



Usually, as an organisation, you take care of the content of your channels manually. But it is also possible to load an RSS feed into a channel. The channel is then automatically filled with information from the feed.

Connect an RSS feed to a new channel

1. First, go to the Admin panel of your Plek: hover over your name in the navigation bar and click Admin.

This takes you to the Admin panel. In the sidebar on the left, you will see different items, including Channels.

2. Click on Channels.

This will take you to an overview of the existing channels in your Plek.

3. Click on New channel.

This will open a page where you can save the information for your new channel. 

4. Name your channel and select which type of user and/or specific persons are allowed to post in this channel.
5. Tick the box for RSS channel.

Now you need to enter the source of the RSS feed. This is a URL. Copy it from the website where the RSS feed is located. In the example, we use the RSS feed of the current news of the Dutch government. Websites that offer an RSS feed often link to the feed on the right or at the bottom. You can open this link, but to load it into a channel of Plek, you have to copy the URL. You can do this from your browser bar, for example. See also the image below:


6. Paste the copied URL from the RSS feed into the Channel RSS source field.
7. Then select a Channel owner RSS. Plek will post all RSS messages on behalf of the channel owner.

8. When you're done, click Create.

The channel with RSS feed is now created. When new messages are added to the feed, they will automatically be loaded into the channel in Plek. 


As Admin, you can change the order of the channels. If the channels are not fixed, the user can decide where to put them on their homepage.