What is the Taxonomy in Plek and how do you set it up?

At Plek it is possible, just as in Google, to find everything in your Plek via the search engine. It can be useful to also use the taxonomy of Plek. This is an optional function inside Plek, which is also called a knowledge base. 

With the taxonomy, it is possible to grant certain characteristics to documents, pages, events, messages, groups, and even colleagues. This makes it very easy to find everything and everyone. A brochure about the Taxonomy can be found here.


Setting a taxonomy

To set a taxonomy, take the following steps:

  1. First, go to the Admin section in your Plek: hover over your own name at the menu and click on Admin.

Now you arrive at the Admin panel. In the left sidebar, there are different components, including Taxonomy.

  1. Click on Taxonomy.

The example below shows that there are already different taxonomies made. 

  1. Then, click on Add a Taxonomy

On this screen, it is possible to decide on the settings of your taxonomy. 

  1. Give your taxonomy a clear name that is understandable for everyone, e.g. Department.
  2. Then, decide to which component the taxonomy belongs.

This could be multiple components (e.g. both Agenda and Document).

  1. Decide the authorizations.

By doing this, you choose who is able to add terms to the content, who is able to see the taxonomy and who is able to filter the content with the taxonomy.

  1. Optionally, fill in a category or group which this taxonomy falls under. 

The taxonomy then gets a title that the other users are able to see. This option makes it clear for the other users how the taxonomy is structured.

  1. Press Create if everything is correctly set.

You will arrive at the overview of the existing taxonomies. The new taxonomy is now a part of this overview. Here it is also possible to change and give content to the existing taxonomies. 

  1. Click on the name of taxonomy or click on the edit icon at the right of the taxonomy.
  2. Then, click on New Term.
  3. Fill in a name.
  4. Click on Save

Your term is now saved in the taxonomy. It is possible to add more terms by again following steps 9, 10, 11 and 12.





Don’t make an extensive folder structure. Try to limit the use of the terms inside a taxonomy to a maximum of 10. Then people have a better overview and it is easier to find documents, persons, and messages.