Check the notifications settings on your Plek



Are you, or are you not receiving notifications while you expect the opposite? Then this article is for you.

Viewing and changing notification settings

You are mostly in control of whether or not you receive notifications on Plek. First, check your notification settings in Plek.

Chat notifications

Are your settings correct and are your devices set up correctly? If so, you will always receive push notifications of incoming chat messages from other users. Don't receive chat notifications despite correct phone settings? We only send chat notifications to your phone if you are not logged in anywhere else. We think you don't want to be bothered on multiple devices at the same time. Don't agree? Go to this article to disable this feature.

Another solution: you can also check if your desktop app is still open. Or maybe (a tab) in your web browser. After closing the app or tab, you'll receive push notifications again.

I have turned off notifications for (new) messages, but I still receive them.

In some cases, you may still receive push notifications or email notifications despite your wishes. For example, group or platform administrators can draw extra attention to their message by sending a forced notification. In this case, your settings are ignored, and you will still receive a push and/or email notification.

Are you still having problems receiving push and/or email notifications?

Are you still experiencing problems with push notifications? Check the settings of your mobile phone.
Are you not receiving any email notifications? Please report this to your platform administrator.