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What can you do with the program module?

The programme manager allows you to show (customised) programs to users. The program manager has various functionalities. The most frequently used functionalities are described below. 


Using the program manager, you can welcome new users (to the platform). In addition, you can introduce users to the organisation and their new colleagues, with the help of an introduction video, photo, important documents or other information. 

Evaluations & pulse measurements

By setting up short surveys, the program manager allows you to quickly gather the opinions of users. This gives you the opportunity to quickly evaluate or carry out a short pulse measurement with fast results.

Employee satisfaction survey

With the program manager, you can choose who sees a program and when. In this way, you can send out an automated employee satisfaction survey to all, or a specific group of employees, at a (recurring) time of your choosing. 

Educational programs

For new or changed protocols, training courses or refreshers, it can be useful to send important news, questions or other material quickly to the right people or groups.

After completing each step, you have the option of letting the user check off the steps themselves: